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Dave Roberts: Joint EAPA and CPA Masterclass, Jenny Chapman

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Raku (review), Robert Silver

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Magnificent Minimalism (review), Steve Mattison

Articles written by David Roberts

1977 - Ceramic Review (No.44) “Lift-Off Raku Kiln”

1982 - Ceramic Review (No.76) “American Raku”

1988 - Ceramic Review (No.109) “Paul Soldner"

1989 - Ceramic Review (No.118) “Raku Today"

Work represented in the following publications:

1984 - Coiled Pottery- Betty Blandino - A & C Black

1985 - Collectors History of English Pottery - Griselda Lewis- Antique Collectors Club

1987 - Ceramic Review (No.105) - article on David Roberts by Stephen Brayne (cover illustration)

Ceramic Series- catalogue for solo exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre written by Emmanuel Cooper.

1988 - Ceramic Form - Peter Lane - W. Collins & amp; Sons Co.

1990 - Brochure for solo exhibition at Leeds Craft & Design Centre - article written by Tony Birks.

Ceramics Monthly (November) - article written by Tony Birks.

1990 - Raku - IanByers - B.T. Batsford

1991 - Raku Pottery - Robert Pipenburgh - Pebble Press (2nd edition)

1992 - Ceramic Review (No.137) -article written by W.A. Ismay (work on cover).

1994 - Raku, A Review of Contemporary Work - Tim Andrews - A & C Black

1995 - Smoke Fired Pottery - Jane Perryman - A & C Black

1995 - Ceramics: Art and Perception (No. 20) - article written by Jane Hamlyn

Ceramic Review - July/August - review of solo exhibition at Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath; written by Felicity Aylieff.

1996 - The Spirit of Clay - Robert Pipenburgh - Pebble Press, U.S.A

1996 - East Anglia Potters Association Newsletter - review of David Roberts workshop to East Anglia Potters Association by Jenny Chapman.

Ceramics: Art and Perception pp15-18 - Elusive Distillation of Experience (interview), Jane Hamlyn

1998 - North Wales Potters' Newsletter, January 1998 "Magnificent Minimalism" (review), Steve Mattison
Work represented in the following publications:-

1999 - Design Sourcebook Ceramics - Edmund De Waal - New Holland Publishers (UK) London

2000 - Raku - Investigations Into Fire, David Jones, Crowood Press

2004 - Naked Clay - Jane Perryman, A&C Black Ltd. London

In 2000 a monograph on the work of David Roberts entitled Painting With Smoke, written by Lynne Green was published by Smith Settle, Otley, Yorkshire, England. The second updated edition was published by greendrake press in April 2009.





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